Sign-On Letter

On November 6, 2012, Michigan voters will have the opportunity to support strengthening Michigan's Renewable Energy Standard (RES) -- increasing the target of Michigan consumers' electricity being sourced from renewable resources to 25% by 2025.

The letter below is intended to be signed by businesses and organizations who support strengthening Michigan's RES.  It may be published in a Michigan newspaper.  If you are authorized to sign your company or organization's name to this petition, please do so by completing the fields at the bottom of this page.


Fellow Voters,

In November, you will have the chance to vote YES on Proposal 3 and increase Michigan’s supply of renewable energy to 25% by 2025. As leading renewable energy companies that have built, manufactured and engineered hundreds of projects across the country, it is clear to us that passing the 25% by 2025 Renewable Energy Standard will drive billions of dollars of new investments into Michigan.

Companies like ours have spent years evaluating the potential for wind farms, solar projects and other renewable energy facilities in Michigan. We’ve found that Michigan is rich in untapped renewable energy resources that could provide at least enough clean, reliable and affordable electricity to meet the proposed 25% goal.

If voters like you pass the 25% by 2025 standard, clean energy projects will be built in Michigan and communities will see jobs and economic benefits at every stage of those projects: from the hundreds of in-state construction jobs created to build new wind and solar projects, to new orders at Michigan manufacturing facilities, to the on-site operations jobs, property tax revenues for local governments and lease payments to landowners that will last the lifetime of the project. Thousands of jobs just like these have already been created in Michigan as a result of these growing industries and Proposition 3 will deliver even more investments into Michigan communities.

Our companies and others are anxious to get new projects up and running in Michigan.  By passing Proposal 3, Michigan will continue its commitment to securing a diversified energy portfolio that includes more renewable generation and will provide the industry with the certainty to make long-term investments. Minnesota and Illinois both set 25% by 2025 Renewable Electricity Standards in 2007. Today, consumers in Illinois and Minnesota pay lower rates for electricity than you do in Michigan, while reaping the economic benefits of building, operating and maintaining new wind and solar projects in their states.

Michigan imports almost all of its fossil fuels, which means that most of the money you spend on energy leaves the state. According to state Public Service Commission, “Michigan spent a total of $31.3 billion on all forms of energy in 2009 and of that amount $22.6 billion was for the energy resources imported from other states and nations.”  That’s more than 70% of Michigan’s energy investment leaving the state. By generating more power from in-state, renewable resources, you can keep more of those dollars in Michigan’s economy. If the Proposition 3 is passed, we will compete to provide you with clean energy at the lowest possible price. And unlike other forms of energy, we can guarantee that the fuel cost for renewables won’t ever go up.

In November, you will have the chance to vote YES on Proposal 3 and increase Michigan’s supply of renewable energy to 25% by 2025. You will hear a lot of predictions between now and Election Day about what will happen if you pass the 25% by 2025 standard. From our perspective, it’s clear that passing 25% by 2025 will bring billions of dollars in new investment in-state. We support this effort and we look forward to growing our business opportunities in Michigan.